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High Level Of Quality: We perform our work in compliance with the standards of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 and control each process from the initiation of a project to its delivery. You may review our quality certificates here.

Cost Efficiency: We offer the most competitive rates of the translation industry without compromising the quality, thanks to our high level of work circulation as well as guarantee provided to our translators giving services in various languages.

Reliability: The basis of our relationship with our clients, founded upon mutual trust, is that we deliver all of our projects with high-quality on time. We are utterly transparent towards our clients, informing them initially and at intervals throughout the project.

Technological Infrastructure: We are informed about the innovations in the translation industry and enforce our translation technology infrastructure with trainings and webinars. Thus, we minimize the costs of translation as well as DTP costs in our projects.

Availability: Thanks to our large network of translators, we immediately process your urgent requests and provide you with quick and high-quality deliveries. In our database, we always have the right translator for your needs.

Dedicated Translator Teams: For our regular clients, we make special translator teams, as primary and back-up and work with these translators only in the projects of the relevant clients, which benefits us in terms of style, terminology and consistency.

Professional Dtp Specialists: With the help of our professional DTP specialists we deliver your documents in the same page layout with the source documents’. Even if you have only pdf version of the file to be translated, our DTP team can process it and deliver it in print-ready version at high-quality.

Professional Project Management: Thanks to our project management program and professional project managers, your projects are in safe hands! Our Project Managers follow the respective works in the best manner and fulfill their roles with the highest performance by finding immediate solutions for all possible “crisis” as a result of their experience as well as smooth communication with our translators and clients.

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