Meet The Translator Team Of ADH Avrasya Translation
Professional Team Of Translators In All Language Pairs
Ahmet Karaçöl

Ahmet Karaçöl, born in 1965, founded the company under the name of Esentepe Translation in 1990 and then renamed it as ADH Avrasya Translation, undoubtedly having the greatest share in turning it one of the leading companies in the translation industry.

Sibel Atik Akansu
General Manager

Sibel Atik Akansu, born in 1977, has served at ADH Avrasya Translation since 1994, the foundation year of our company. Primarily taking the role of Project Manager in all departments of our company for a long time, Sibel Atik Akansu started to serve as the General Manager after 2004 and was assigned as the Chairman of the Board in 2008. She is married and has two daughters.

Kıvılcım Parmak Seheryıldızı
Operations Manager

Kıvılcım Parmak, who graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature at Boğaziçi University in 2004, spent a year of her university education at Keio University in Japan. In 2005, she started to work in our company as an editor and in the following years, she was assigned as the Project Coordinator and Project Manager. As of 2011, she continues to serve as the Operations Manager in our company.

Yasemin Gülcük
Accounting Supervisor

Yasemin Gülcük, graduating from the Department of Accounting at Selçuk University, has been the Accounting Supervisor of our company since 2006. We cannot deny the impact of her strong communication with our clients and translators with regard to invoices and payments, respectively, on our relationship with clients and translators.

Ender Ünal
Technical Consultant and Editor

Professionally active in the fields of technical translation, proofreading and editing since 2004, Ender Ünal has served in our company since 2016. He proofreads completed technical translations, evaluates their compliance with the relevant content and industrial terminology, applies the necessary adjustments and, as such, works on the related termbases (TB). In addition to his edition services, Ender Ünal plays a crucial role in taking the quality of our technical translations to the highest level as a result of his Technical Advisory offered to our translators.

Pınar Şimşek
Project Manager

Born in 1991, Pınar ŞİMŞEK graduated from the Department of Russian Translation at Istanbul Aydın University in 2016. Since 2012, she has offered professional services in various fields of the translation industry. She has been our Project Manager since March 2018. Performing an utterly successful management capability in her all projects, thanks to her industry experience as well as her interest in translation technologies, Pınar Şimşek has made valuable contributions to our team.

Elif Ezgi Güner
Project Manager

Elif Ezgi GÜNER, born in 1990, graduated from the Department of Art History at Anadolu University in 2014. She has been our Project Assistant since April 2018. Adapting quickly to our company with her foreign language knowledge, capability in information technology and communication skills, Ezgi Güner has distinguished herself with her support in projects having detailed workflows and assumed a crucial role in our team.

Eda Gümüştekin
DTP Specialist

Eda Gümüştekin, professionally serving in desktop publishing (DTP) since 2010, joined us in May 2017. She fully uses her expertise and skills for our company and provides support in preparing files for translation before the translation process and harmonizing the page design of the translated and edited files with that of the source document and, if necessary, making them print-ready.

Özlem Karakulak
DTP Specialist

Having joined our team as a DTP Specialist in 2012, Özlem Karakulak contributes greatly to our company in the area of design with her competence in a variety of design programs and her expertise in the subject.

Nur Aba
Sales Representative

Providing professional services in banking, finance, sales and marketing since 1994, Fatma Nur Aba has worked in our company since September 2016. Bringing her competence in sales & marketing in the fields of banking and finance to the translation industry, Fatma Nur Aba has ensured that many new clients from various industries are added to our customer base as a result of her professional experience as well as skills in sales & marketing and continues to distinguish herself with her efforts in operational process monitoring and customer satisfaction.

İlker Ulutaş
Office Services

İlker Ulutaş, who has been working in our company for nearly 20 years, supports us in many areas, especially logistics, both internally and externally.

Kevser Rana Arslantürk

Having graduated from the Department of Polish Language and Literature at Istanbul University, Kevser Rana Arslantürk is competent in Polish as well as English and Russian. Our editor, who worked as a freelance translator before completing her internship at the Turkish Embassy in Warsaw/Poland and gave private lessons, successfully maintains her role in our team with her interest in foreign languages and cultures since childhood and her extensive knowledge thereof, demonstrating her difference in her edited texts.

Arda Yegül
Business Development Specialist

Arda Yegül, successfully graduated from Translation and Interpretation Department of Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University in 2019, transformed his interest for translation technologies into knowledge during university years by doing internships in two different translation companies. Arda, who managed to ease the workload of the project team even during his internship period, enables us to follow the developments in our sector which requires finding more innovative and rational solutions day by day; expands our translator team in accordance with our needs and he plays an effective role in improving our operational processes with alternative methods focused on quality-cost-time.

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