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Notarized Translation

Looking for an online notarized translation office? ADH Avrasya Translation can always support you for your notarized translation needs. ADH Avrasya Translation offers translation services for documents which requires notary certification to its clients all around the world who want a translation peculiar to their market with its network of expert sworn translators.

  • In many documents such as tax signboard translation,
  • Bill of entry translation,
  • Translation of educational status documents,
  • Bill of entry translation,
  • Translation of permission documents,
  • Testament translation,
  • License translation,
  • Translation of criminal record,
  • Translation of equivalence certificate,
  • Translation of marital status certificate,
  • Translation of Erasmus documents,

audit report translation, fast and professional notarized translations through notary certified sworn translators are just one click away. You can get a quote for notarized translation free. You can get your operations and notarized translation jobs done smoothly with the assurance of the highest quality and affordable cost in ADH Avrasya Translation.

Notarized Translation Services

We collaborate with leading and distinguished companies from a wide range of industries.

WHY ADH Avrasya Translation?
Large Network of Translators
We serve with our team of professional native language translators around the world.
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We deliver your documents as softcopy or hardcopy on time.
We always prioritize customer satisfaction. As a result, our team works in coordination to meet your requests.
All of our processes are carried out as per the Quality Standards of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015.

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  • Albanian
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  • Croatian
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  • Danish
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  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian

What Is Notarized Translation?

What Is Notarized Translation?Notarized translation is the process of notarizing the document which is translated by sworn translators. In order to maintain the official validity of the documents, Notarized Translation procedures must include the signature and stamp of the sworn translator. Documents which are not translated by sworn translators cannot be approved by the notary. Also, in order for the sworn translated document to be a notary sworn document, it must be certified in the notary which the sworn translator or translation office is contracted. ADH Avrasya Translation brings all these laborious and time-consuming jobs to you online with one click away. It provides the fastest and most reliable notarized translation services with sworn translator teams and contracted notaries.

What is the Difference Between Notarized Translation and Sworn Translation?

What is the Difference Between Notarized Translation and Sworn Translation?To answer one of the most frequently asked questions, we cannot compare notarized translation with sworn translation. Notarized translation and sworn translation are situations that prioritize each other. In order for a document to be a notarized translation, it must be translated by a sworn translator. Briefly, there can be no notarized translation without sworn translation. Each notary works with its own sworn translators. And sworn translators are translators who are authorized to translate official documents into any language by the notary. A sworn translator performs the translation of your official documents. This process is called sworn translation. The notary approval process of this document is called a notarized translation process. Either way, it is perfectly normal to have confusion because the documents obtain official status. You can get your operations and notarized translation jobs done smoothly with the assurance of the highest quality and affordable cost in ADH Avrasya Translation which provides consultancy for notarized translation solutions and problems.

How To Do Notarized Translation?

How To Do Notarized Translation?In order for an official document to be a notarized translation, first it must be translated by a sworn translator. In this process known as sworn translation, it is mandatory to have the name, surname, wet signature and stamp of the sworn translator on top of your document. Then, if the translated document with the original document are approved in the notary to which the sworn translator or translation office is affiliated, the notarized translation process is completed.

International agreements and documents related to consulate, e-commerce, identification, passport, diploma, transcript, decree absolute, legal proceedings may require notarized translation. If the authorities to which the documents will be issued request a notary approval, you may initiate these procedures. You can get services from ADH Avrasya Translation 24 hours a day for all kinds of notarized translation processes.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest throughout our cooperation. We are highly satisfied with your diligence in terms of deliveries right on time and in full. We wish the continuity of your business and success.

ADH Avrasya Translation is a company that we have been working for many years, though not continuously. Dozens of companies make offer for our translation works every year. Our criteria are the same with everyone else which is offering high quality service with low cost. The reason why ADH Avrasya Translation continues to operate in this business for such a long time is that they offer highly qualified service with reasonable prices and their approach to establish good relations with their customers. As a matter of fact, these companies can survive.

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